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    Leveraxe is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to split wood. Let the Axe work for you. Fast Shipping Worldwide!

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    • Leveraxe Speed

      Leveraxe fresh split wood
      Leveraxe Speed Video shows how fast and efficient the LeverAxe is at literally levering the wood apart.

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    • Slow Motion

      Leveraxe Slow Motion Video show exactly how the Leveraxe 'levers' off a piece of wood in slow motion. There is no other way to see it true workings! Brilliant!

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    • GripRock

      GripRock Splitting Block
      GripRock Splitting Block Official Video. It is the Leveraxe's best companion. Increase you speed and Decrease your back pain while splitting wood with the GripRock.

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    • Leveraxe Ultra

      leveraxe 2
      Leveraxe Ultra video shows just how well the Leveraxe Ultra work. Partial slow motion action. LeverAxe 2 - 'Swings Like a Feather Hits Like a Hawk'.

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