Leveraxe Reviews from Customers
‘I received a leveraxe for Fathers Day, and have been giving it a good test split. The ax is very well made and thought out. It splits USA Northeast hardwood as described in the advertisements. There is a little getting use to having the ax rotate in your hand, but that the “mechanical” advantage of it as it pops splits of wood off the bolts. It’s light weight, which is an advantage to us “older, seasoned” splitters who started out with 8 pound mauls years ago, but performs even better than a maul in that not all the pieces have to be stood back up to split them again. The ax is also designed to stand on its own so you don’t have to bend and pick it up constantly.
It’s a little pricey due to the import taxes, but a lot cheaper than a hydraulic splitter, and a whole lot better for you mentally and physically.’

Greg Williams, Retired Forest Ranger, NY

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