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GripRock Splitting Block


GripRock is the first manufactured firewood splitting block that can be shipped to your home.

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When the LeverAxe was invented, our ”fully developed world” was shaken. It is a revolutionary improvement over the 8000 year old wedge shape wood splitting axe.
We fell immediately in love with the LeverAxe and quickly discovered that for it to work PERFECTLY it needs a Companion….The GripRock!
GripRock Splitting Block leveraxe griprock equation

Splitting Wood directly on the ground entails lots of bending over. This is exactly where we started crafting the GripRock Splitting Block.

We developed the GripRock Splitting Block out of a dire need to make splitting wood with an axe more efficient, safer, and ergonomic.
GripRock Splitting Block no bending over

What is Does For YOU
This newly engineered product guaranteed to increase your speed, efficiency, and ergonomics while splitting wood. This uniquely designed wood GripRock splitting block utilizes a special FlexTire to keep pieces of wood upright as they are split. You will enjoy the following benefits:

GripRock Splitting Block what griprock can do

Drastically increase in splitting speed
-Less stress on lower back
Exponentially more cords of wood split
-Less overall body fatigue
-Split multiple pieces of wood at one time
-Less bending over

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Ships within: 1-2 days

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What you get with your GripRock

-Flex Tire
-Concrete Plastic Mold
-Flex Tire Rebar supports
-Detailed Instruction Manual
-Parts Guarantee: 1 yr

Not Just Any Tire

The GripRock integrated Flex Tire is not any old tire from your local junkyard. We have carefully hand picked, washed, and most importantly, cut off both the metal beads from the inside of the GripRock’s Flex Tire. Without the metal bead the tire becomes flexible and pliable allowing for odd shaped and multiple pieces of wood to be split.

GripRock Splitting Block Kit Details

-Base height: 10”
-Tire inner diameter: 17.5”
-Total weight w/concrete: 185 lbs.
-Largest diameter wood splittable: 14”
-Parts Guarantee: 1 yr
-Shipping package: (20x17x12)”, 28 lbs.
-Made in: USA
-Minimal customer assembly
-Does not include: 2-80lbs concrete bags needed to cast the base

GripRock Splitting Block Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 12 in


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