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Leveraxe Classic – The Smart Axe

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Brand New Product with Rugged Composite Handle.

The Most Advanced Axe in the World!

Leveraxe® Classic – The Smart Axe, is a wood splitting axe used to split firewood of any type and diameter. Its innovated design produces a levering action requiring less force to split the wood, giving users more safety, speed, and enjoyment.


-Length: 35.5 inches
-Total weight: 5.5 lbs
-Axe head weight: 4.18 lbs
-Axe sheath: top grain leather
-Guarantee: axe head 10 years
-Handle: polyamide composite
-Shipping box: cardboard (36x5x9)”, 7 lbs.
-Manufacture: Vipukirves Heikki OY.
-Made in: Finland, Europe
-EAN: 6430023070058
-Comes with: instructions

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Leveraxe® Classic- The Smart Axe’s new handle is made of engineered polyamide composite plastic, characterized by high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. Most futuristic about this part is that it is hollow inside, making the Leveraxe® even lighter, which in turn helps to build up more speed when in action. Furthermore, this polyamide composite handle offers high toughness at low temperatures.

Leveraxe® Classic – The Smart Axe, because its all about CONVENIENCE:

-No hassle with US customs
-No surprise added import tax
-No currency conversion
-Fast delivery from a USA based company

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 9 in
Delivery Time

Axes will be shipped 1 business days from order day.


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